Home, Sweet Home


How much do the spaces we inhabit say about us? What forms do such spaces take? In what way do they reflect our lifestyle? If the home is the border limit between outside and inside, public and private, safety and uncertainty, “home” is also the projection of our own body (and in particular our mind) as a kind of microcosm which with to dispute the immensity of the universe. In the context of this exhibition, we conceive of home as a space-time where we unfurl the experience of inhabitation, anchoring men and women’s primary desire to occupy a place in the world, which is also the springboard for imagination to take flight.  

Who as a child, did not entertain the dream to build a treehouse, or make a den under the table? This act, of building a house within another, using whatever comes to hand, is also a deep-seated need to build stories, weave relationships and invent experiences. Our home is also a paean to domestic ritual which celebrates daily life in its minutiae and is a manifestation of the most poetic, and indeed poietic use, of our surroundings. 

Each home has deeply-hidden secrets and mysteries in its interior. Histories, legends, gossip and enigmas which it treasures within its walls, but which constantly threaten to come to the surface, anxious to be discovered. This house, to which all are invited, is inhabited by artists. They wrested functionality from its spaces and objects in order to sow the seeds of a territory where fantasy reigns, daily life is transfigured and suggestive, eerie fictions make themselves present. 

Welcome to this house, where normality has the ability to empower the extraordinary side of experience. 

Artists: Leo Battistelli (ARG), Claudia Casarino (PRY), Anna Costa e Silva (BRA), José Franco (CUB/ARG), Edgardo Giménez (ARG), Verónica Gómez (ARG), Gaspar Libedinsky (ARG), Rodrigo de Morais Machado (BRA), Iván Navarro (CHL), Andrea Ostera (ARG), Cecilia Paredes (PER), Camila Rhodi (BRA), Julia Romano (ARG), Diana Schufer (ARG), Lila Siegrist (PER), Margarita Wilson-Rae (ARG), Sebastián Tedesco (ARG) & Bruno Mesz (ARG), Gabriel Valansi (ARG), Román Vitali (ARG)


Km: 1.9

Dirección: Arroyo 1142

Ville: Buenos Aires


Du 26/06/2019

Au 25/08/2019 Lun-Dom de 10:00 a 18:00 hs.


Iván Navarro

Andrea Ostera

Gabriel Valansi

Gaspar Libedinsky (ARG)

Claudia Casarino (PRY)

Sebastián Tedesco (ARG)

Bruno Mesz (ARG)

Leo Battistelli (ARG)

Anna Costa e Silva (BRA)

José Franco (ARG-CUB)

Edgardo Giménez (ARG)

Verónica Gómez (ARG)

Rodrigo de Morais Machado (BRA)

Cecilia Paredes (ARG)

Julia Romano (BRA)

Diana Schufer (ARG)

Lila Siegrist (ARG)

Margarita Wilson-Rae (ARG)

Román Vitali (ARG)